Hello, and thank you for visiting Fresno Modern.  Fresno Modern Real Estate has left the building, but I’d like to thank you and all who made it such an enjoyable adventure spanning nearly fifteen years. What started in 2004 as a website celebrating everything gloriously Mid-Century Modern in Fresno evolved into a boutique Real Estate Agency with the same mission. Conversation in people’s front yards about their homes turned into living room conversations about their lives, and all the while I listened absorbing every bit I could about Fresno’s amazing architecture, the brilliant Architects who created, and the people who lived in their creations.

My Brother Jeff says I’m a “connector of people.” I’d like to think Fresno Modern connected us all in some way – friends, business relationships, Fresmod agents, Fresno Realtors, homeowners, open house visitors, Architects, lovers of Mid-Century, Fresnans and beyond.

I’m back living in Los Angeles making music but have great people I’ve worked closely with in Fresno taking care of friends, past clients and anyone who contacts me about their homes. Please don’t hesitate to call – I’d love to hear from you. I’ve also hung my Broker license with “The Agency” in Beverly Hills and am here for anyone with Los Angeles Real Estate needs.

It has been a pleasure!


Eldon Daetweiler
Broker/Founder – Fresno Modern
DRE #01311184